About Us


Who are the Ury Players?

In the 1930s and the 40s, the Stonehaven Junior Unionist Association entertained the local community with a variety of concerts.

In 1954, the company became independent under the name of Ury Players, and has continued to entertain the local community with a wide range of drama, music and variety over the decades.

In the 1970s and 80s, the company was large and thriving and was able to stage ambitious musical productions, such as "South Pacific" and "My Fair Lady". Today, with a much smaller company, the Ury Players continue to keep up the tradition of Pantomime (which continues to be our most popular show), as well as entering the Scottish Community Drama Association Festival of One Act Plays, and presenting evenings of varied dramatic pieces.

The 2000s saw some troubled times for our group with the loss of our rehearsal and storage space due to vandalism.

In 2008 we were able to acquire a secure storage space for all our props and backdrops and have now been happily rehearsing in the South Church Hall for many years.

We strive to mount productions of the highest standard and most of our actors and backstage people are very talented and experienced. However, there is always room for newcomers, including those with little or no experience. What we ask for is enthusiasm and commitment and we will endeavor to discover the talent within.

Why Do we Do this?

Well basically, because we enjoy our hobby! Whether we have lead roles or chorus, whether we are backstage, onstage or front of house there is a lot of fun in amateur dramatics! Whatever role we take, our members are willing to give up time and energy to produce entertainment of a very high standard for the Aberdeenshire community.

What Do We Do?

A bit of everything really!

Every December we perform a Pantomime in Stonehaven, which runs for 4 nights plus a Saturday matinee. This is a traditional style Panto, with a mixture of classic songs and up to date numbers.

We also enter the Scottish Community Drama Festival One Act Play Competition. Our plays for this are frequently written by one of our long standing members – Russell Adams – and he has won the Silver Salver for original play-writing twice in this competition. Recently we have been able to enter a youth team to the competition and in 2012 they reached the Scottish Youth Final. The divisional round of this competition is held in Aberdeen Arts Centre.

Our summer production has covered a whole range of styles. In the past few years we have returned to doing a full length play, usually a comedy, but we have also done variety nights, mysteries, one act plays, comedies, short sketches, drama, poetry, farces, Shakespeare in 30 minutes and cabaret nights!

While many of our productions include music, our range does not currently include standard musicals.

When do we Rehearse?

When we are preparing for a show we rehearse twice a week.

Thursdays 7:30pm-9:30pm and Sundays 7:00pm-9:00pm.


Where do we rehearse?

All our rehearsals take place in the Main Hall attached to the South Church on Cameron Street in Stonehaven.

Does it cost anything?

All we ask is a small annual membership fee to cover the costs of hiring rehearsal space.

Annual Membership runs from August to the following July.

We like to keep things simple and affordable, therefore the current rates for 2018/19 are as follows:

Annual Membership = £10 per person.

This membership is for all aspects of the Ury Players, whether you are an actor or production crew.

How can I join?

Anyone can come and take part whatever their abilities or experiences, either performing or backstage (provided they are over 14 years old at the time of the production).

If you would like to join, or would like more information please email.