Ury Players Presents

Robin Hood

by Heather Adams-Officer

All is not well in Nottingham! The wicked Sheriff is growing rich on the many taxes he is forcing the poor villagers to pay and he's hatching a horrible plan to marry Maid Marian and inherit the kingdom. All that stands in his way is the brave and dashing Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Will they succeed in thwarting the evil plot and beat the Sheriff?

A new script jam-packed with jokes, loveable characters and all the magic of traditional pantomime.

meet the directors

Heather Adams-Officer

Director and Writer

Gordon Smith

Assistant Director

meet the cast


Katy Ironside

Robin Hood

The hero of our story and the leader of the Merry Men. He has lost his lands and titles and lives in Sherwood Forest, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. He is in love with Maid Marian.

Abbey Patterson

Maid Marian

The King's daughter who lives in the Palace with her Uncle, Prince John who she hates. A feisty girl who despises her warden, the Sheriff of Nottingham and is in love with Robin Hood

Garry Brindley


Marian's Nurse and friend who goes everywhere with her. Usual silly part with audience rapport. She has a crush on Little John and is always looking for a chance to sing.

Tim Roberts

Will Scarlet

Merry Man and Robin's 2nd in command. He's a bit sarcastic and always wears red.

Lewis Maitland

Friar Tuck

A Merry Man and a merry monk. He is always thinking about food and always comes on eating something.

Murray Lawson

Little John

A Merry Man. Tall, broad and dim.

Andrew Dart

SHeriff of Nottingham

Every fairy-tale needs a good old-fashioned villain. A mean bully who enjoys taxing the villagers to line his own pockets. He hates Robin Hood and plans to wed Marian so he can have more power.

Liz Forrest

Quincey Quiver

The Sheriff's Henchman/Guard/Dogsbody. A nervous fellow he is bullied by the Sheriff and does his bidding even though he doesn't want to.

Heather Adams-Officer


Musical character that introduces the show and pops up throughout.


Back Row (L-R): Joanna Murray, Ailsa Henry and Kirsty Gellatly.

Front Row (L-R): Eleanor Douglas and Rachel Mackle.

Back Row: Kirsty Lockhart.

Front Row (L-R): Georgia Lanning and Jade Cameron.

Back Row (L-R): Ayiesha Dabell, Oen Brindley and Catriona Ball.

Front Row (L-R): Heather Stewart and Heather Smith.

(L-R): Kirsty Williamson, Bill Williamson and Alison Smith.

Georgia Lanning


(L-R): Freda Adams, Peter Esson and Joyce Esson.

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